Art Studio

Participants: Families with children ages 6 and up
Years Active: 2013-Present

Description: The art studio offers hands-on art workshops and classes throughout the year for children and families using a wide variety of expressive art and recycled materials.  The program goals include building children’s creativity and critical thinking skills, as well as supporting cross-generational and cross-cultural relationships.  Participants explore meaningful topics, share creative ideas, meet new friends, & learn exciting art techniques.  Projects like the “One Voice, One Community” mural, representing the community’s common dreams and aspirations, and “Quinn Quilts”, Underground Railroad-inspired paintings, are on display in the Quinn Community Center.

Youth Night

Participants: K-8
Years Active: 2010-Present

Description: A weekly activity for Maywood youth to stay active. The sessions involve games like basketball, soccer, tag, and dodgeball followed by a healthy snack and “question of the day” conversations. These discussions explore ways to stay fit and other common health questions. The goals of the program are to encourage good teamwork and sportsmanship in all of life’s endeavors. Future plans include a more formal health education curriculum.

Leadership: Coordinated by Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine medical students.

Mexican Folkloric Dance

Participants: K-8
Years Active: 2013-Present

Description: Ballet Folklorico Teochimalli is a dance group that strives to keep kids healthy through exercise while enhancing and promoting Mexican culture. Folkloric dancing helps kids become more flexible and improves physical and mental coordination. Students are taught dances from a variety of regions in Mexico and thus enrich and expand their cultural knowledge.

Leadership: Parents and St. Eulalia parishioners Mariela Hernandez, Maria Martinez and Veronica Figueroa lead the group.

 Champions 4 Change

Participants: 15 high school students
Years Active: 2010-Present

Description: A group that meets weekly during the school year that serves local high school students.  Goals of the program include: getting teenagers involved in service to their community, self-development, and having fun.  Past activities have included resume building workshops, college preparedness discussion, and fundraising activities.  The teens organized the first every Halloween Festival in the fall of 2013 for neighborhood youth.  Future plans to promote community involvement are to have gardening and cleaning days in Maywood, food and clothing drives, and guest speakers.

Trustycup Productions

We have a Dream Tutoring

Participants: 20, K-8
Years Active: 2012-Present

Description: A weekly after school tutoring program that has evolved into much more. In addition to homework help and a nutritious snack, students are encouraged to explore other forms of self-expression. In 2013, an emphasis was placed on writing skills. They wrote stories, re-illustrated Green Eggs and Ham, and were introduced to character building and scene design by turning their stories into plays. In addition, the students participated in a community planning activity, where they prepared a budget and wrote a proposal for an activity to improve their community. Their creative ideas included: craft projects, cooking classes, increased police presence, and an animal shelter.

Click here to view the We Have a Dream booklet written by the children

Summer Enrichment Program

Participants: K-8
Years Active: 2012-Present

Description: This annual program, started by Youth 4 Change members, promotes creative play, physical activity, and healthy eating.  Tutoring is also a main feature and is supported by Golden Apple Scholars.  Participants are divided into teams led by teen mentors.  The mentors learn leadership and problem-solving skills while the campers explore new and exciting activities.  Everyone wins in projects like ice cream making, “Gak” creation, yoga class, and art studio.  The program seeks to improve the overall health of the community by keeping kids active, providing a nutritious snack, and helping with the Quinn Community Center Garden.

 Leadership: Local teenagers work with pre-education students through the Golden Apple Foundation, as well as pre-medical and medical students through the Loyola University ASPIRE program.

For more information, visit the 2017 Summer Enrichment Program Page.